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11 August 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Cycle 04 - Challenge 06 - Results  
SET 02
- angryteabag [03 votes]

Please stick around for voting! ♥
People's choice: TIE
- lunglock [03 votes]

- kimus_mwah [03 votes]

SET 01

o1. o2.

SET 02

o3. o4.

SET 03

o5. o6.

SET 04

o7. o8.

[N = Negative votes & P = Positive votes]

SET 01 - lunglock - N = 0/P = 3
--- 02]
[x] "great contrast, great crop, just an overall classy icon."
[x] Positive [No comment.]
[x] Positive [No comment.]

SET 02 - angryteabag - N = 3/P = 0
[x] "the crops are actually okay, but the quality of the pictures used for these icons apparently weren't the best. they look either squeezed and/or pixelated"
[x] "The first icon is a bit oversharpened, the coloring is a bit dull - overall the icon is too plain. The second icon is much too yellow."
[x] "The icons quality are low and colouring dull."

SET 03 - kimus_mwah - N = 2/P = 3
[x] "cropping is good in both cases, but the contrast is also too high and both are oversharpened. The font in icon 5 also doesn't quite fit--it seems to happy-go-lucky for the mood the icon sets otherwise."
[x] "Unoriginal cropping on second icon."
--- 05]
[x] "Love the font, and the textures used."
[x] Positive [No comment.]
[x] Positive [No comment.]

SET 04 - semi_subtle - N = 1/P = 0
[x] "Both icons are a little dark and no.8 is too blue in colour."

Participants Status
The following people are still in the contest. If you're name is not in this list, it means you have been eliminated/disqualified.


Thank you to all who participated in the challenge and voting.
A new challenge will be put up soon.
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taya_starrtaya_starr on August 11th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
I like the one of Hans... :)