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06 September 2008 @ 09:31 pm
Cycle 4 - Challenge 07  
Entries: 03/05

---- The Rules
---- Read the instructions and make TWO icons for this challenge!
---- Submit your icon in a comment to this post, with the img src and link underneath.
---- Skips are no longer allowed.

BIG apologies for the month absence. I know we're close to finishing this round, just real life kind of took over for a while. I hope you're all still able to participate, as we're down to the final five and skips are no longer allowed!

Black and White (2 icons)

This challenge, you may use any cap or picture you like of Alan, just as long as the icons have no colour in it.

Text on the other hand, can have colour if you wish. =]

Useful Links
cap_it and dj_capslock for movie caps.
Rickman Network.org.

Participants still in the competition
If your name is not in this list, it means you've either been eliminated or disqualified.


[*** = people who've entered an icon. --- = people who're skipping]

Deadline: Sunday, 21st September, 7.00/19.00 GMT+1
The World Clock